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Shop here for the strongest, most reliable, and highest quality Pole-Tents, Frame Tents, and accessory products manufactured in the USA. Our premium quality tent products and accessories are the best that money can buy. Carefully read the information and details for each product that you research on this website. As you shop, you will find that all of our tents, vinyl tops, sidewalls, and other accessory products exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. You also may be satisfied to know that 99% of the accessory products that we sell, including our tents of course, are manufactured in the USA; therefore, you are supporting our country's workforce when you purchase from FLORIDA TENT SUPPLYIf by chance you also happen to be interested in a Frame Tent, instead of a pole-tent,....or.... , if you are searching for other accessories not listed on this website such as, clear sidewalls, tarps, tablecloths and other linen products, etc......you may click on the banner at the top of this page. Clicking there will re-direct you to CARPA SUPPLY, our "Parent Company" that specializes in commercial quality anodized marine aluminum West-Coast Frame-Tents. On their website you will also find additional USA-made tent-event products that may be of interest to you.Thank you for considering FLORIDA TENT SUPPLY and CARPA SUPPLY for your pole-tent, frame tent, and other event accessory needs. We look forward to earning your business today or in the near future.