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Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply products are designed with the utmost of quality and work best when the following guidelines and tent assembly instructions are adhered to. It is very important that the tent assembly instructions be carefully read and followed. Please read the tent assembly instructions that were supplied to you for your particular tent purchase, along with the following safety guidelines, prior to your tent assembly, installation, and disassembly. CAUTION: Even though Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply may at times make certain suggestions to customers and/or installers when asked, the customer and installer(s) are solely responsible for evaluation of the site and determining the proper securing method (anchoring method) to be used on the tent to be assembled, installed, or disassembled. Some soils require different staking methods or anchoring (securing) other than what is provided with the tent or purchased by the customer. This situation also occurs frequently when custom designs that incorporate non-standard leg heights or less legs and pieces than the standard designs are purchased. Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply’s responsibility is limited to the construction of the tent and not for damage caused by improper assembly, improper installation, or improper disassembly of the tent. Custom designed tents are not engineered, therefore, additional caution should be applied when determining how to properly anchor any custom tent ordered from Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply.

Damaged frame parts or fittings are typically the result of improper assembly, handling, and/or lifting of the frame and are not covered under the terms of the warranty. It is also imperative to avoid assembly, installation, and disassembly of the tent, or any of its parts, during threatening and hazardous weather conditions under any circumstance. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer and/or tent installer to determine weather conditions and severity of the weather prior to holding events, assembly, installation, and disassembly of the tent. 

Our tent products are best suited as temporary structures. They have limitations that do not make them the best fit for permanent installations. However, many of our customers have used our frame tents as semi-permanent structures since their particular installation sites have provided sufficient cover and protection from severe weather elements such as high winds, snow, sleet, and hail. In addition, many customers living in locations that experience only two or three severe weather events per year get good year-round use from our tents.

In the event that winds and gusts exceeding 30 to 35 MPH are expected, or any other questionable weather conditions such as, snow, sleet, hail, or tornadoes are expected, then evacuation of all guests and personnel, along with, all valuable items (glassware, chairs, tables, etc.), should be removed from under the tent immediately. The tent top should be removed if winds above 30 to 35 MPH are expected.The implementation of good judgment, common sense, and safety during normal or emergency disassembly of the tent should be applied. The limiting factor for the wind limits above are the vinyl tops. Once the tops are removed our non-engineered frames can typically withstand up to 40 and even 50 MPH winds in some cases if properly anchored and crossbars installed. Our engineered tent frames can withstand up to 70 and even 75 MPH winds and gusts in most cases if cross-bracing is installed on the frame and the top has been removed. 

There are times when a tent may shift or move on its own due to a variety of variables. In addition, stakes and their corresponding ropes or ratchet straps may loosen up due to a variety of reasons. In these circumstances, it is possible for the cover (top) to “pocket” water during rain conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to continually and routinely inspect the tent frame and its cover (top) to insure that it is in good condition, properly assembled, aligned, and safe for use; if any problems are determined and revealed during the periodic inspections of the tent, then adjustments are required to make it safe for use.

Proper safety equipment should always be used to insure a safe assembly, installation, and disassembly of the tent. Customers, and their installation team are encouraged to always evaluate the assembly and installation site to determine if hard hats, steel toe shoes, safety glasses and any other equipment may be needed for the safe and proper installation of the tent. Tent lifts (tent-jacks), or other equipment, might be a prudent consideration for lifting and taking down the tent.

Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply stands behind its products in accordance with the Terms and Condition which can be reviewed on our web-site at: www.carpasupply.com. For further questions or inquiries, please call us toll free at (844) 756-4495 or via e-mail at tents@carpasupply.com


Under no circumstance will Florida Tent Supply / Carpa Supply be held responsible for honoring any manufacturer's warranty, replacement or payment of any product listed on this website, or payment of any damage or liability claims resulting from use or consequence of products listed on this website, especially if it involves liabilities or damage to any product or property resulting from a wind event, wind whip, snow accumulation on tent, improper assembly, installation, or disassembly , lightning strikes, hail storms, etc. or prior use out in the field.