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For your reference, following is a list of products that you can shop for, above, on either our "Shop Here for all Products" menu on this website, or, in our parent company's website carpasupply.com which is linked to this website:

Pole Tents

Frame Tents (West-Coast in two different styles - Pin Insertion or Quick-Pin) / Frame Tubing & Fittings

Replacement Tops for West-Coast Frame Tents

Sidewalls for Tents and Enclosures

Vinyl Fabric (by the Roll) - Flame Retardant Clear, White, and Variety of Solid Colors & Stripes)

Stakes / Ratchet Straps/ Water-Barrels / Stake Pullers (Jack-Jaw)

Tent Heater / Tent Cooling Equipment (Evaporative Coolers, A.C., Pole-Mounted Fans)

Tent Jacks

Tablecloths & Linen (Flame Retardant)