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20-Pack of Brand New 55 Gallon Blue Water Drum/Barrel Anchors - Polyethylene Plastic Closed Tops (Tight-Head with Fat-Lip Rims) - Quantity Discounts & other colors available - Click on Picture

$1,698.99 $1,599.99

Why expose yourself or your company to liabilities or health hazards that may arise from both, storage or set-ups, involving used or refurbished Drums / Barrels that may have previously contained hazardous chemicals:

Buy USA-Made-Brand-New (not reconditioned) UN Rated 55 Gallon Blue / White / Black tight-head plastic drums / barrels for use in tent anchoring (when filled with water). These drums / barrels are constructed of high molecular weight polyethylene plastic with extra thick walls that provide top quality performance and last a long time. Since the drums / barrels are seamless, they are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Also unique to this drum/barrel is the fact that holes can be drilled into the drum/barrel's "Fat-Lip Rim lid," if required, as an alternative method of anchoring; drilling holes into the "Fat-Lip Rim lid" may be a preferred method of anchoring, in some cases, instead of fishing the rope or ratchet anchor through the 2" NPS & 2" Buttress fitting holes on the top of the closed lid. This is because fishing the rope through the 2" NPS & 2" Buttress fitting holes leaves water exposed to the atmosphere. Anchoring with a rope or ratchet through the drilled holes makes mosquito control a lot easier in the vicinity of the barrels while reducing water evaporation.

Prices below are for the Blue Drum / Barrel Onlyadd an additional $5 for each Drum / Barrel if you need White or Black. Multiply the number of Drums / Barrels desired by its price and you will get the total price for the order (Please note that shipping is not included in the prices below.) Call us for quantities above 20 or if you would like Black or White Drums.