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     Florida Tent Supply carries, both, "Single-Tube Aluminum and Single-Tube Galvanized Steel" West-Coast frame tents that use the "Pin-Insertion Design" to adjoin the frame tubing to the frame fittings on the tent. In other words, the pins are manually inserted into holes on the pipes and fittings to adjoin one frame part to the other.

     As an alternative design of frame tents, our parent company, Carpa Supply, offers a style of West-Coast Frame Tent that incorporates, both, Single and Twin-Tubes (called the Hybrid) and that uses a different pin design that we call the "Quick-Pin Push-Button Design". This design has the pins spring-loaded right into the tubing and fittings (no tools required); in order to connect one piece of frame with the other you just press down on a push-button pin. Please visit our parent company Carpa Supply for additional information. Clicking on the link below will take you directly to their website where you may find a full listing of push-button pin style frame tents along with additional details, options, and ordering information not available on this website.


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